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Five Star Restaurant

Branding, Design, Marketing

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One of Raleigh, North Carolina’s hidden gems, located downtown in the heart of the warehouse district, reminiscent of a speak-easy establishment, with its unmarked entrance. A true urban experience with authentic Asian dining and entertainment. The vibrant colors and chic d├ęcor create a cozy yet refined ambience whether one is enjoying a delectable meal or merely having cocktails with friends.

After collaborating on the idea of combining asian, hip, urban and underground we decided to brand the restaurant with a vintage cold war, underground look and feel. One of the greatest successes from the project is a “Hide Your Cats” ad campaign, based on the urban legend of asian restaurants serving feline. It has created a buzz and is still talked about around the city and is used on marketing to this day after 10 years in business. I oversaw and designed all aspects of this project including logo development, brand, restaurant collateral, print and online marketing.

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Five Star Restaurant
Ad campaign image used in all advertising including traditional outlets, online as well as rickshaws and city buses. All restaurant collateral is branded with a similar look and feel, simple graphics that compliment the eclectic interior of this asian eatery.